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Welcome to my Studio

Purple blob :)




I'm so glad you're here :) 
I have lots of plans and ideas for this space. I want my work to enrich your life just as it does mine, decorating your walls, making you dream, creating an atmosphere of curiosity and engagement around you.
The digital collage I've set up on this page expresses all of the above, for me and for you:
art is a gift, to be shared :)

Octopus offering_edited_edited.jpg

Silvia Barlaam Studio:
The Essentials


This is me, Halloween 2021, expressing myself.

My goal is to offer you ways to express yourself  by sharing with you quirky, whimsical and thoughtful art and art products. 

I want to create a space, a community, for art lovers and artists who are curious, quintessentially quirky, unique individuals.

I spent many years struggling with chronic illnesses, finding ways to manage them, hiding from my own creativity in many ways, reluctant to embrace it for fear it would be taken away by the illness. But no more.

I'd like to help you, if you need help, to believe in yourself and your dreams. I want to share my imagination and my stories with you :)

Silvia at Halloween 2021

Contact me :)

Questions, comments, special requests? Get in touch today, I'm happy to help in any way I can, and get to know you.


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