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What's happening

Quick updates

New workshop!

In collaboration with Anna Francesca Schiraldi

Schiraldi ACC


4th of July 2023





EH17 8QC

3HOURS  --  £40 PP

MORNING session: 10am-1pm

EVENING session: 5pm-8pm


Our new multidisciplinary workshop is a FOUNDATION WORKSHOP in Sequential Art (comics!) and Creative Drawing, to support and nurture a solid start to your creative path.

We focus on small classes to provide individual attention, and focus less on technique and more on personal goals and style development.

Gallery and Shop coming in January!

Delayed but I didn't want to rush it!

What will I have for you:

Giclée prints (archival quality prints)

Postcards sets

Artists books (one of a kind)

Stickers & colouring books

I'm also working on bite-sized online classes and of course, there shall be FREEBIES :)

What's happened


B&Q Birmingham workshop

Schiraldi Art Comics and Classes and I went to Birmingham to run a Creative workshop for Managers (hosted by B&Q), to provide them with creative tools to use in their day-to-day job and especially when training new managers.

In collaboration with Anna Francesca Schiraldi

It was a long day, but we met every challenge with a laugh, which helped a lot. 


We ran our workshop for more than 55 attendees and the feedback we have received was overall extremely positive.  Another job well done :)

Gallery and Shop coming soon!

What would you like to see?

It's been years since I last made a website, and since it's just little ol'me, it's taking me a while to organize it. However, I'll have a gallery/shop as soon as possible. I will definitely have giclée prints (archival quality prints) and postcards sets to start with, and then will add commissions and Artists books, and more :)If there is anything specific you'd like to see (I'm thinking about colouring books, for example, perhaps posters, or sets of notebooks), let me know! I'm always happy to chat :)

Artists At Work 2

22 OCTOBER 2022 TO 12 FEBRUARY 2023

Part of my series Inkplosions is currently in the Artists At Work 2 exhibition at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Queen Street, Edinburgh.​In Inkplosions, I freely use black and white ink to create shapes on the page. I then use my fountain pen and stamps I carved myself to find meaning and colour in each image. A lot in this series relates to complex emotions, in particular the contrast between grief and joy, what we show to others and what we feel within.​Do come see the exhibition!  The artworks in it are all by galleries staff, a huge variety of media, techniques and and unique talents.

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